28 May 2010

Training pants in action

DD was playing with her baby doll so she wouldn't do exactly what I asked her to do so photos are not good.

Front (you can see the bulk - I put boosters in it):

The pants look a bit tight on her.

Ok I just got feedback from DH who looks after DD in the morning (as I go to work too early to see them awake). He said it was ALL WET. Everything. The booster wasn't thick enough and she did a huge wee, so it all leakedut to her clothes (poor thing she even wouldn't sit on the chair this morning coz her butt was too cold!). Lucky her sleep bag is polar fleece so I guess the bedsheets are safe.

Lessons learned:

1. Add A LOT more boosters next time.

2. Use polar fleece as inner layer, instead of flannel (cotton). I'm not willing to use polar fleece as fabric against skin so this is unlikely to be a choice.

DH is not willing to give it another go so I'll have to keep this trial product for DD2 due in Septemeber.

Mission failed. :(

27 May 2010

First training pants made!

I just can't buy PUL and not use them. So making something with PUL is my priority today. It was DD's first pair of training pants. I collected a few free patterns online and today I tried one of them. It's called Easter Bunz.

I used one layer of flannel and one layer of PUL. It's actually equivalent to a nappy cover but I don't want any part of PUL to get in touch with DD's skin so I added the layer of flannel. I don't mind washing. If it fits well I'll make more. And DD doesn't wet every night so I won't have a lot more washing.

I was thinking of leaving an opening to make it a pocket but decided I'll just add boosters on top, just for a better look of the training pants.

Flannel layer and PUL layer sewn together, leaving a small opening to turn inside out. Then sew elastics on each of the four long sides. Turn inside out and top stitch. Add snaps to finish.

This is finished product:

Because of all the elastics it's hard to take a good photo of the finished training pants. It'll sure be bigger than DD's normal undies but with all the elastics I think it should be fine. I like it big coz I'm thinking that maybe I'll add boosters for overnight.

I can't wait for DD to come back home tonight to try it on, and have some photos 'in action'!

DD's 3yo house slippers made!

DD was complaining on Tuesday that she didn't have house slippers while both DH and I have. So DH said 'ask mommy to make some for you!' Then I started working on it straight away.

I drew the size of DD's foot and added about 1cm around the sketch and made a pattern. Then I cut out 3 layers of polar fleece and 1 layer of cord to make the bottom of the house slippers. I cut out a layer of polar fleece and a layer of cord to make the upper part. I sewed exactly the same way as I did with this pair of house slippers and last night I sewed on the bias binding to finish.

DD loved them. She wore them for the rest of the night and this morning she even wanted to wear them to kindy. LOL. They're a bit tight and small though so I've made a bigger pattern today to make her a bigger pair. I already cut out the fabrics and will sew them on the train tomorrow. Hopefully DD will have a bigger more comfortable pair of house slippers to wear tomorrow night.

DD's new slippers and the ones I'm wearing:
Bottome of DD's new slippers:
Her new slippers and old ones made last year:
Pattern I made to make these slippers, and a new pattern to make bigger ones tomorrow:
All fabrics cut out ready to sew!
The other side:
There're a total of four layers for the bottom, 3 layers of polar fleece, 1 layer of thin cord:
All fabrics are cut out from my existing scraps.

24 May 2010

Old bed rail to new bed rail!

I got this bed rail from a freecycler, because last week my 3 yo DD decided to sleep on the 'big bed'.

It was miserable, terribly dirty. But after cutting off all the fabrics parts and gave it a thourough clean (I had to use one of my craft brushes to go into all the little details), the structure was perfectly intact. Fine. That's all I needed.

So I worked in my sewing room for about 1-2 hours (not really worth it is it?), here's what I got:Doesn't it look perfect?

I used the remaining of the curtain that I used to make this stair rail screen, this skylight shade and this clothes pegs holder etc. There's still a fair bit left for maybe another project or two!

I wrote down on my sewing notes the measurements of the cuts in case it fails or I need to make another one. From memory it's 116x30 + 88x20x2P. There was another option which I realized should be better after I cut out the fabrics. From memory it's 88x58 + 20x30x2P. I think this option is better because the seams will be shorter, which means maybe less work.

21 May 2010

Scrap project ideas

Updated 100521

(Below are scrap projects I've experimented. Some were successful some weren't. I list them in alphabetical order and link them to related blog entries so I can see what I learned from them so that when I make similar projects I'll improve. )

1. appliqué
2. camera case cut: 15x20
3. chair feet covers can use polar fleece, cut folar fleece 3x20,fabric 20x20
4. cloth pads can use bamboo velour, PUL; cut L19x34,M28x18+28x10,S19x23+7x23
5. cloth panty liners can use bamboo velour, PUL; cut 18x21+18x8
6. embellishments – bows
7. embellishmentsruffles
8. extensions of clothes
9. headbands can use elastics, cut: 11.5x40 for main band, 4.5x30 for elastic band, 1.3x11 elastics
10. headscarves this is someone else's tutorial and I'm quite confused anyway cut 16x8 as guide
11. house slippers can use polar fleece; cut 12x28+17x24
12. knee pads can use polar fleece
13. name labels can use denim
14. paper roll holder cut: 21x 40cm rectangular piece of fabric and 2 pieces of 19cm long 6mm elastic
15. pin cushions can use tiny scraps
16. portable essentials pockets
17. pyramid door stops can use denim cut: 26x26x26
18. scrap pillow can use tiny scraps
19. scrunchies can use elastics cut: 14x53 6mm elastics: 18
20. seat belt covers can use polar fleece, denim cut: 20x15
21. silhouette appliqué
22. snakes can use tiny scraps; cut 80-90 long
23. toddler house slippers can use polar fleece; cut 2yo: 17x11+17x9
24. toddler shoe pads
25. yo-yos cut: 11x11

Some updates

I kind of feel guilty that I haven't regularly updated this blog for a long long time. Truth is there really isn't much done recently. I'm expecting DD2 in Septemeber and with full time work and a 3 yo I guess I have every excuse to considerably reduce the amount of sewing. I limited my sewing to only those really needed, like mending my maternity pants, making fitted cot mattress covers for DD2 etc. I didn't take much time doing photos so I decided not to post them on the blog.

Now that I'm in second trimester and most of the first trimester symptoms (morning sickness, exhaustion, worsened hayfever, unstable pelvis etc) have kind of settled down, I think I might have some more energy to pick up a little bit more sewing.

I bought some PUL from snapsaustralia the other day with some more colours of snaps (they are both on sale) and they just arrived yesterday. yay~

I'm also thinking about buying some bamboo velour. Whatever I do with PUL it's most likely I'll need some absorbent materials as well. And bamboo velour is my favourite.

I've added a new 'to sew list' on the right hand side of this blog with some new sewing projects I want to do, with links to my choice of tutorials. I'll update the list when progress.

After I've experimented so many projects and learned so much, I hope I'll be able to make better quality stuff in the future.

13 May 2010

PUL project ideas

Big ones

1. Bibs cut 34x25
2. Change mats
3. Waterproof Mattress protector may not need but just in case. fitted cut 166x106 corners 18x18, elastic 150cm
4. Nappies cut 4mths+ 48x42+booster10x30;4mths- 42x36+booster 10x30
5. Swimmer bags for summer may not need but just in case
6. Toilet training bags
7. Training pants
8. Wet bags

9. lunch box bags

Scrap ones (why all the big ones are for DDs and the scrap ones for myself?)

1. Menstrual pads L34x19, M28x18+28x10, S19x23+23x7
2. Nursing pads 11x11
3. Panty liners 18x21+18x8