27 May 2010

DD's 3yo house slippers made!

DD was complaining on Tuesday that she didn't have house slippers while both DH and I have. So DH said 'ask mommy to make some for you!' Then I started working on it straight away.

I drew the size of DD's foot and added about 1cm around the sketch and made a pattern. Then I cut out 3 layers of polar fleece and 1 layer of cord to make the bottom of the house slippers. I cut out a layer of polar fleece and a layer of cord to make the upper part. I sewed exactly the same way as I did with this pair of house slippers and last night I sewed on the bias binding to finish.

DD loved them. She wore them for the rest of the night and this morning she even wanted to wear them to kindy. LOL. They're a bit tight and small though so I've made a bigger pattern today to make her a bigger pair. I already cut out the fabrics and will sew them on the train tomorrow. Hopefully DD will have a bigger more comfortable pair of house slippers to wear tomorrow night.

DD's new slippers and the ones I'm wearing:
Bottome of DD's new slippers:
Her new slippers and old ones made last year:
Pattern I made to make these slippers, and a new pattern to make bigger ones tomorrow:
All fabrics cut out ready to sew!
The other side:
There're a total of four layers for the bottom, 3 layers of polar fleece, 1 layer of thin cord:
All fabrics are cut out from my existing scraps.

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