24 May 2010

Old bed rail to new bed rail!

I got this bed rail from a freecycler, because last week my 3 yo DD decided to sleep on the 'big bed'.

It was miserable, terribly dirty. But after cutting off all the fabrics parts and gave it a thourough clean (I had to use one of my craft brushes to go into all the little details), the structure was perfectly intact. Fine. That's all I needed.

So I worked in my sewing room for about 1-2 hours (not really worth it is it?), here's what I got:Doesn't it look perfect?

I used the remaining of the curtain that I used to make this stair rail screen, this skylight shade and this clothes pegs holder etc. There's still a fair bit left for maybe another project or two!

I wrote down on my sewing notes the measurements of the cuts in case it fails or I need to make another one. From memory it's 116x30 + 88x20x2P. There was another option which I realized should be better after I cut out the fabrics. From memory it's 88x58 + 20x30x2P. I think this option is better because the seams will be shorter, which means maybe less work.

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