13 May 2010

PUL project ideas

Big ones

1. Bibs cut 34x25
2. Change mats
3. Waterproof Mattress protector may not need but just in case. fitted cut 166x106 corners 18x18, elastic 150cm
4. Nappies cut 4mths+ 48x42+booster10x30;4mths- 42x36+booster 10x30
5. Swimmer bags for summer may not need but just in case
6. Toilet training bags
7. Training pants
8. Wet bags

9. lunch box bags

Scrap ones (why all the big ones are for DDs and the scrap ones for myself?)

1. Menstrual pads L34x19, M28x18+28x10, S19x23+23x7
2. Nursing pads 11x11
3. Panty liners 18x21+18x8

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