21 May 2010

Scrap project ideas

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(Below are scrap projects I've experimented. Some were successful some weren't. I list them in alphabetical order and link them to related blog entries so I can see what I learned from them so that when I make similar projects I'll improve. )

1. appliqué
2. camera case cut: 15x20
3. chair feet covers can use polar fleece, cut folar fleece 3x20,fabric 20x20
4. cloth pads can use bamboo velour, PUL; cut L19x34,M28x18+28x10,S19x23+7x23
5. cloth panty liners can use bamboo velour, PUL; cut 18x21+18x8
6. embellishments – bows
7. embellishmentsruffles
8. extensions of clothes
9. headbands can use elastics, cut: 11.5x40 for main band, 4.5x30 for elastic band, 1.3x11 elastics
10. headscarves this is someone else's tutorial and I'm quite confused anyway cut 16x8 as guide
11. house slippers can use polar fleece; cut 12x28+17x24
12. knee pads can use polar fleece
13. name labels can use denim
14. paper roll holder cut: 21x 40cm rectangular piece of fabric and 2 pieces of 19cm long 6mm elastic
15. pin cushions can use tiny scraps
16. portable essentials pockets
17. pyramid door stops can use denim cut: 26x26x26
18. scrap pillow can use tiny scraps
19. scrunchies can use elastics cut: 14x53 6mm elastics: 18
20. seat belt covers can use polar fleece, denim cut: 20x15
21. silhouette appliqué
22. snakes can use tiny scraps; cut 80-90 long
23. toddler house slippers can use polar fleece; cut 2yo: 17x11+17x9
24. toddler shoe pads
25. yo-yos cut: 11x11

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