21 May 2010

Some updates

I kind of feel guilty that I haven't regularly updated this blog for a long long time. Truth is there really isn't much done recently. I'm expecting DD2 in Septemeber and with full time work and a 3 yo I guess I have every excuse to considerably reduce the amount of sewing. I limited my sewing to only those really needed, like mending my maternity pants, making fitted cot mattress covers for DD2 etc. I didn't take much time doing photos so I decided not to post them on the blog.

Now that I'm in second trimester and most of the first trimester symptoms (morning sickness, exhaustion, worsened hayfever, unstable pelvis etc) have kind of settled down, I think I might have some more energy to pick up a little bit more sewing.

I bought some PUL from snapsaustralia the other day with some more colours of snaps (they are both on sale) and they just arrived yesterday. yay~

I'm also thinking about buying some bamboo velour. Whatever I do with PUL it's most likely I'll need some absorbent materials as well. And bamboo velour is my favourite.

I've added a new 'to sew list' on the right hand side of this blog with some new sewing projects I want to do, with links to my choice of tutorials. I'll update the list when progress.

After I've experimented so many projects and learned so much, I hope I'll be able to make better quality stuff in the future.

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