28 May 2010

Training pants in action

DD was playing with her baby doll so she wouldn't do exactly what I asked her to do so photos are not good.

Front (you can see the bulk - I put boosters in it):

The pants look a bit tight on her.

Ok I just got feedback from DH who looks after DD in the morning (as I go to work too early to see them awake). He said it was ALL WET. Everything. The booster wasn't thick enough and she did a huge wee, so it all leakedut to her clothes (poor thing she even wouldn't sit on the chair this morning coz her butt was too cold!). Lucky her sleep bag is polar fleece so I guess the bedsheets are safe.

Lessons learned:

1. Add A LOT more boosters next time.

2. Use polar fleece as inner layer, instead of flannel (cotton). I'm not willing to use polar fleece as fabric against skin so this is unlikely to be a choice.

DH is not willing to give it another go so I'll have to keep this trial product for DD2 due in Septemeber.

Mission failed. :(

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