9 Jun. 2010

Another pair of pants made!!

I was so encouraged by DD and DH after making the last pair of pants for DD, I'm addicted to it!
I like the oriental kind of look of the flowery patch on the one leg.

If you look closely, you'll see the two pink bows were made differently. I decided to add a bow in the seam so the end bit won't show, when I was sewing the first leg. It was successful. See, there're only two 'loops' shown outside, so I don't need to worry about fraying.
Then when I sewed the second leg, I forgot....After I sewed the side seam, I realized I couldn't sew the bow in the seam any more. Then I just added the bow on the outside of the seam. I don't know what'll happen after wearing and washing. If it frays, I'll find ways to mend....
The fabric is a very fine cord that I brought from my mom's place tens of thousands of kilometres away. It's a big piece of fabric and I love it. I was imagining all types of decorations on it to make it into interesting items. And this is the first one! And I do like it!

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