8 Jun. 2010

New pants made for DD!

Finally I've made something I like. There's been so many frustrations on sewing recently that I've lost a lot of confidence.

Anyway since winter is officially here (17 degrees for the whole week) I need more warm toddler pants. So I pulled out my cord stash and cut out this pair of pants over the weekend. I had a very busy weekend so I forgot about it. Then last night when I went down stairs I saw this UFO and decided to give it a go.

It turned out quite well. I straight stitched the seams and zigzaged the raw edges to avoid fraying.

I recycled a piece of scrap from the nursing cover to make the pants not so plain. And I got some straps from my colleague who rescued them from filing and decided to make a couple of bows on the pants.

DD loved the pants. She couldn't wait to try them on. It's just the right length but it looks very wide on her. I hope it's warm enough....

I can't remember which pattern I used. I'll have to come back to update on this.

Update 100614: pattern is Get creatibe 4004

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Emily at Emmie Designs said...

I love making pants as well :)

It is addicting.I started out with curtains and then tracing pre-existing pants and before you know it I'm doing flannel, knit and all sorts of pants..