4 Jun. 2010

Nursing cover for my friend

Yesterday I called my friend Susan who just had her baby girl a month ago. She said she's been trying to take her newborn out for fresh air but worry about having to breastfeed in public. I said don't worry about that I did it all the time all you need is a muslin hanging over your shoulder to cover anything you think need covered. She said thanks for the idea I thought I had to buy a nursing cover from internet. I said don't spend that money it's too expensive to buy one it's easy to make and I'll make you one.

So last night I couldn't wait to start, and finish, this new project. It WAS easy. I just printed a tutorial http://sewmuchado.blogspot.com/2009/02/description-stylish-and-practical.html from http://sewmuchado.blogspot.com, cut out the fabrics and sewed it up. I don't have any boning or D rings so I just omitted them. Basically I just cut out two pieces of fabrics: 70x100 and 70x10, well I was planning to cut them but I made a mistake and got 70x90 and 70x10x2. Lucky Susan is a petite so I guess a slightly smaller size will do. (What can I do....recently I've started to admit I'm not really a talented/gifted sewer, although I possess the passions...)

Anyway I just sewed one of the 70x10 into a strap of 70x2.5, hemmed the bottom long edge and two short edges of the main body part 70x90, sewed the strip onto the main body when hemming the top long edge. It took me a while to decide which edge should be the top of the fabric because the pattern of the fabric looks really confusing.

Then I tried it on and figured the strap was too long. As I don't have any D rings I have to make sure it's the right length coz it's not adjustable. So I folded the two ends of the straps back about 5cm each and sewed them onto the body on the wrong side. It'll hide when it's in use.

Anyway next time if I make one I'll probably cut 70x100 and 60x10, sew the straps 40cm apart in the middle of the top edge. I think the body of 70cm is too long but I'll ask Susan for her feedback before I change it. (I believe the tutorial has a reason for that size.)

One more thing, about the fabric. I have to mention it because I think it's very pretty. :) I was given this fabric by another friend Lisa. She was going to live overseas permanently and she gave me a few gifts when we last met before last Christmas. I didn't know what it was as it was very properly packed. I thought it was a table cover. When I got home I opened it it was actually a piece of fabric made in Malaysia. It's pretty so I saved it for 'special' projects (I mean projects I don't think I can easily ruin...) It's about 2 metres so I still have a large piece to make some matching stuff. I was thinking a baby pouch when my DD2 is born. We'll see.

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