4 Jun. 2010

Nursing pads - unsuccessful

To be honest I don't understand why I keep trying projects that I know I'm gonna fail.

I made some nursing bads before. But I failed. I don't think I even blogged about them because I didn't really want to spend more time on it. When I say I failed I mean I don't want to use them. Not that I was breastfeeding at that time. I was trying to make them as gifts for a friend who just had a baby. But after I finished them I decided even I myself wouldn't want to use them so I can't give them out as gifts.

Anyway the reason I believe I failed was because I believe a nursing pad should be able to form a little cup, not necessary a 'cup' but it need to be able to form a curve to go with the contour of the boob. No one has a flat boob so a nursing pad shouldn't be flat at all. But I couldn't make it properly. I tried to cut a tiny triangle off the circle and sew it up but it was ugly. So I gave up.

Then yesterday after the conversation with Susan, my friend who just had a baby a month ago, I decided she needs nursing pads. Although I mentioned the washable ones I bought from Target were very good (trim, contour, waterproof) I still thought I could give it another go to sew a few for her, since I recently bought my first lot of PUL. I just have to do something to use it.

Ok so I cut out the PUL circles (lucky I was careful and decided to sew only one pair first to try) and decided to cut the other layers into squares so I can cut a neat circle after everything's sewn together. I cut a layer of bamboo fleece and a layer of bamboo velour. It's the first time I use them so I was appreciating the lushness of these fabrics...

Then I pinned the three layers together and sewed around the PUL edge. I was very slow and stop to reposition almost every stitch so I could make a perfect circle. I used a 'topstitching stitch' on my machine which says to sew over thick and stretchy fabrics.

The circle was sewn perfectly. I caught everything I should have. Then I cut out the circle, carefully not to cut any thread. Then I felt although it looked perfectly sewn it didn't have the curve/contour that I needed (I knew there's no way to get the contour part when simply sewing around a circle but I was still dreaming miracles could happen).

Then I decided for the other pad I try cutting all the layers into circles and sewing them together. I was less patient this time and it turned out horrible. I didn't catch everything. It puckled. It even created a curve outwards which was opposite my intentions.

You can easily tell the one on the left is the second one which was made with a lot less patience. (DD insisted I include her house slippers in the photos...)
I was so disappointed. The fabrics were so lush but my product is not practical to use. My friend won't want to look like there're two pancakes on her boobs in public. I guess I'll still give it to her so she can choose to use at home or when sleeping, just to test the absorbency and waterproof part.

BTW I used KCK Nursing Pad Pattern , basically a circle of about 11cm in diametre.

Hey after reading the pattern and looking at the photos, I kind of understand why I can't get the curve inward. The pattern calls for a slightly bigger outer layer, hence a seperate circle pattern for the outer layer only. I guess this is the trick. I may give it a go next time. (Or not?) No I have to give it a go next time...
I just wish that I could make these Homestead Emporium ones. How can she make such perfect stuff? I'm so jealous...


RoboCat said...


I use this tutorial to make my nursing pads. I guess the angles that you cut really do make a difference!

RoboCat said...


I use this tutorial to make my nursing pads. I guess the angles that you cut really do make a difference!

Rowena said...

Hey RoboCat thanks for the link! It's a great tutorial. I'll have to try it! Will be good if I can make 16 pairs of nursing pads that work for me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honest review of how your pads turned out. I've also tried to make some using flannel and found that they weren't as good as storebought. My idea was for the "next version" was to try serging with the differential feed set to gather slightly, which I figure would create a bit of a cup. The lined tutorial idea looks like more trouble but I might try both ways and see which is better.

Buffy said...


I was just browsing the internet trying to find a pattern for nursing pads and came across your blog. Then I found the above blog. I tried her pattern and they worked great!

Rowena said...

Thanks Buffy for sharing the link. I also found this page later on and it does look like it'll work the way I want it to.