14 Jun. 2010

Fourth black pants made!

I guess the bell pants will be the trend so I made a new pattern based on the 4004 pattern. I just copied the pattern onto newspaper and handdrew the curves to make it a little bit 'bell like' and cut out the curves. Voila a bell pants pattern!
I pulled out the stretchy black cord again and cut out the pieces. I also found some colourful scraps to make some decorations.
This is the piece of scraps that I was gonna make into some ruffles.

Ruffles made and pinned onto the front piece to sew before I sewed the pieces together:
I was gonna make the ruffles into a pocket shape but it turned out funny:


Emily at Emmie Designs said...

I love that you can make these to fit your own personality and style, so cute :)

Rowena said...

Hehe the good thing about making your own pants is you can add whatever you can imagine. Pants are very basic things to make but there're endless variations.