14 Jun. 2010

Third red pants made!

I'm totally addicted to it.

And I've got so much cord to play with too.

DH said the pants I made recently don't have 'curves'. I asked him exactly what he likes and he showed me one of DD's bell pants. Ok I don't think that's difficult. So I modified the pattern I've been using. BTW this is really a very well used pattern. I bought it from spotlight and have made almost every item in the pattern, hooded vest, pants, jumper, tops etc. It is a basic pattern but I can add my own imagination and design to make it more interesting and make many more varieties.

Here's the final product:

I love how it turned out. It fits DD perfectly, even with thermo underneath:The back has even more decorations:
Because I got distracted when sewing and sewed all the decorations on the back pieces. Lucky I still had plenty of scraps to make more decorations to add onto the front pieces so now she ended up with a pair of pants with decorations everywhere!

The pants are made of a bright red cord and the decorations were cut from some canvas type of fabric from a never finished project. I used bands of that fabric to make the big pieces and cut out the small Tshirt patterned pieces to applique here and there.

I cut out the back and front pieces a few days ago from the 4004 pattern and after DH requested 'curves', I simply drawed some curves on the pieces and cut to make it a 'bell' shape.


Emily at Emmie Designs said...

very cute, love the design

Rowena said...

Thank you! This pair of red pants has been very well worn. I think it's very cute too.