12 Sep. 2010

3 new version night pads

After I modified the panty liner pattern and night pads pattern, this is the first time I make night pads using the new night pads pattern. As you can see from the comparison of the old and new patterns, the new version is a LOT longer than the old one, although the old one is already 34 cm long. I feel safer with the new length. As I won't have menstrual periods for a long time I don't have any chance to test it until I finish breastfeeding, which hasn't started yet as the new baby's due date is still 10 days away. But from memory of the testing of the old version, I believe this new length should be good enough for me.

Below is comparison of real products of new and old version. As I now 'overcast' the edges instead of 'turn-n-topstitch', the new version is even bigger than it should be. But I really like this overcasted version. It's so easy and looks so neat.
Again, as you can see, I used the thrifted baby wrap to make these night pads. I've fallen in love with this fabric. It's not just easy to sew, but also very thick so I don't need to sew a lot of layers. It's also super absorbent. Just two layers can hold up a LOT of liquid without me feeling wet! I love it a lot more than the bamboo fabrics, coz it feels a lot better when in place. The bamboo velour feels plush when using hands to feel it but doesn't do as good when 'doing the job'.

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