7 Sep. 2010

5 more panty liners

My incontinence has been getting worse since my belly is getting bigger and bigger. So making more absorbent panty liners has become an urgent task. I couldn't find the bamboo fabrics so when I came across some very thick cotton baby wraps in Vinnies the other day I bought all of them. It was 50% off store wide so I got 4 of them for $1 each.

Today I got some time to make them. I used less than half of a baby wrap to make the absorbent layers and some PUL to make the waterproof layers. I cut out a body layer and a soaker layer of baby wrap cotton for absorbency, and a body layer of PUL. I really like this baby wrap fabric. It's super thick, doesn't easily fray (does it fray at all?) and very easy to work with.

I turned and topstitched one of them and found the fabric was quite thick for topstitching. So I went with the easy way, using zigzag to finish the edges instead of topstitching. I think the zigzaged ones look much neater than the topstitched ones. I really like how they turned out.

The absorbent side (left 4 are zigzaged ones and right 1 is topstitched one):
The waterproof (PUL) side:

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