4 Sep. 2010

Cot organizer

I saw this cot organizer and couldn't resist the urge to make one for my soon-to-come baby. Today DH took DD to a birthday party so I got plenty of time to play in my sewing room.

This is what I spent a whole day on (well of course not really a whole day coz I had to take some breaks):
In action:
Of course I used snaps to fix it on.

Some photos in progress:

As you can tell the fabrics came from scraps of the upholstery set that I freecycled from someone who finished almost 95%.

Some measurements:
1. Main body: cut 68x73, finished size 64wx69h (too high so probably should have been 64wx64h)
2. Straps: cut 26hx8wx12pieces. Fold each into 2cm wide 4 layers to sew into straps.
3. I didn't really spend much time with the pocket as that piece of scrap came with the perfect W and H.

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