3 Sep. 2010


This is a pair of pants that DD's grandma gave her as a gift. It's super comfy, with soft cord outside and very thin and soft knit as lining. And one day DD came back home with a huge whole in one of the legs.

I guess she'll need to wear steel pants in the future...

I can't just throw it out. It's too good to become useless. So I decided to patch it.

It's actually the first time I've ever patched a pair of pants. I picked this canvas fabric scrap and wanted to use the heat n bond but it wasn't working. The heat n bond did 'heat' but wouldn't bond.
So I had to do it all manual: using the pins to fix the patches on and handsewed them using blanket stitch:
I think it's pretty, although the patches do look too 'round':

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