19 Jun. 2011

Refashioned baby walker No. 2 for DD2

We now actually have 3 walkers, one from DD1, one bought brand new (which is the only one that we hate to use), and another one rescued from our recent council collection. That one was all good except that there was no seat at all. Saving me taking it off! So I made a quick seat using similar technique to suit DD2's height. I didn't even bother with cutting fabrics and just use an unneeded pocket nappy instead. It's been used downstairs. DD2 looks so comfy sitting in it as well as walking around while I do my sewing or laundry downstairs.

Easy summer top for DD1

During the hot summer days DD2 lived in her easy summer tops, and I made a couple for myself too. Then DD1 went jealous and asked me to make one for her too. So here it is:

Easy summer tops for DD2

I bought this pretty summer top for DD2 when she was a little baby:
And thought it looks easy to make so I made a couple of easier ones from the idea it gave me:
She lived in them for the whole summer. LOL!

Wrist warmer

This is more of an idea than a real product. I was having some wrist pain at one stage (must be the breastfeeding which relaxes all the ligaments). So I used some scraps to make this wrist warmer, enclosing some rice in it. Just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so and I get something warm to soothe my painful wrist while busy with house chores and baby.

Mini taggie blanket

I'm not very good at making toys. But I quite like making taggie blankets. I used some long-time scraps to make this mini taggie blanket. I didn't just use ribbons, but also used strings to make it more interesting. DD2 sometimes quite enjoys exploring what's on this blanket. Hehe.

DD1's 3/4 skinny legs

I love making skinny legs. (Have I said that before? Hehe) It's one simple pattern, you just cut pieces of fabric and in 10 minutes a pair of very-in-fashion pants is done! And I love using the decorations of ribbons, laces each time too.

This pair of skinny legs, along with almost all other skinny legs I've made, have been very well worn. DD1 even wears them in winter all the time!

Refashioned baby walker No. 1 for DD2

I don't seem to have a 'before' photo. This is a very basic baby walker we brought from China when DD1 was about 9 months old. After a few months of wear and tear it lost all it could lose and only had a basic structure left. Now DD2 is at the stage a walker is required, so I decided to make it work. I took off the old seat which was all torn and broken. Then I used a pretty canvas fabric and a upholstery fabric to make the seat, using FOE to bind. Then I sewed some ribbons/strips on and knotted them through the holes to fix the seat onto the walker. DD2 has been enjoying this walker for 2 months and it's still going strong. We later bought a brand new one but never wanted to use it because the new one was not as mobile and also too high for DD2. Strange that a homemade walker beats a fancy shopbought one!

Trial baby pants for DD2

The pants on the left is an existing pair DD1 used to wear. I made a quick pattern out of it and made the pair of pants on the right. The newly made pants are a bit too long but still look cute. Later on I made more pants out of this pattern and found I couldn't bear with the length of it so I made a different (smaller) pattern which I've been using recently.

Some sleep pants made for DD1

Using very comfy knits and my skinny legs pattern made from an existing pair of skinny legs.

18 Jun. 2011

Two pink long sleeve tops for DD2

I made two pink long sleeve tops for DD2 when the weather started to be too cold to wear short sleeve tops. I used my favourite pattern Get Creative 4004. This is almost the only pattern I use for tops. DD2 looks very comfy in these tops, except that the sleeves are a bit too long.

Swim nappy

I started taking DD2 to swimming lessons from 7 months old. The only requirement from the swimming school is a swimming nappy. So I made one using my own nappy pattern. Actually it's a side-snapping nappy cover, with one layer of PUL and one layer of quilting cotton, then binded using FOE I bought from FOE Diaper. I love this FOE I bought. It feels so well made and easy to work with. It took at least 2 months for me to receive it from the USA.

I haven't put it on DD2 yet as I've been using the training pants I made for DD1. This swim nappy is just a backup at the moment. I think I can also use it as a nappy cover. Only problem is I might need to wash it after each use.

Baby feeding cover No.1

This is more of an emergency trial. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I had to find a way to avoid changing DD2's clothes every time I feed her. So after my mom's suggestion I decided to spend a few minutes to see if her suggestion could work. So I pulled out this already halfly refashioned Tshirt of mine (as you can see the bottom part has been cut):
Cut the centre back and cut two strips of fabric off the centre:
Pinned and sewed the two strips on to the back of neck. This are the strings to be knotted at the back of DD2's neck. I didn't even bother hemming or whatever because I know it doesn't fray.
I cut a small hole at the hem of the sleeves and threaded elastics in.
A baby feeding cover!
In action!
Well I know it's a quick fix but I was quite happy about the result. The only problem is the sleeves are a bit short, since it was a short sleeve Tshirt....But it does the job.

Skinny legs for DD1

I love making these skinny legs. DD1 seems to like to wear them too. They're so comfy and easy. I made four, two from each fabric. I got these aboriginal-y fabrics for $2 per metre from remanent warehouse. I love working with knits, no need to worry about all the lints!

Baby feeding cover No.2

So this is No. 2. I trialed No. 1 and got an hang of it so this one was quite well made, so far the best of DD2's 3 feeding covers.

It's made from another old jumper of DH's. It seems that DH has too many old clothes to recycle from isn't it! LOL. Well it's the top one. I took two pieces out and figured the top one would be nice.
Put one of DD2's tops on to cut the pieces (yeah I even omitted the pattern making part!).
Pieces cut! Sleeves and front and back. It's a peasant blouse style but I'll cut open the back to make it a feeding cover.
Sewed the pieces together, elastics at wrists, and FOE at neck. I cut open the centre back and used two strips of the same fabric to make strings so I can make a knot at the back of the neck.
This is the front look:
In action! Awwww....how cute!
This is the best feeding cover I've made. It fits DD2 very well. The fabric doesn't really absorb water so it really helps to keep the clothes clean and dry.

Refashioned baby pants for DD2 - too big

I made this pattern too big so this pair of pants will have to wait till maybe next winter to be worn.

So I made this pattern from a pair of pants DD2 has been wearing. I wanted to try if the pattern is good enough so I used a jumper that DH doesn't want to wear any more to make the pants.
Cut out the two pieces:
It was easy to sew up the pants, but when I tried it on DD2 they were too big. The knit is kind of 'ribbed' so stretches too much and the pants are too long too.

Refashioned bed rail No 3

We've had 4 bed rails, all of which are free, coming from either freecycle or council collection. I refashioned 3 of them, the fourth doesn't need a cover so no need for a refashion.

This is the one I rescued from our most recent council collection:
I took off the torn mesh:
And made a simple cover, and add two snaps to fix it onto the bed rail:
It looks fantastic. We now use it on our big bed with another bedrail to prevent DD2 rolling off the bed when she has to sleep on the big bed.

DD1's new season bell pants!

It's getting cold and when I took out DD1's winter wardrobe I found her pants are either too short or too long. The only few pairs of well-fitting pants have holes at the knees and I'm yet to find a way to mend them. So time for some sewing.

I took one of the hole-y pants as pattern. (I now don't use commercial patterns for pants any more as I find using existing well-fitting pants as patterns are far more quicker and better fitting.) Put them on a piece of newspaper and cut out the shape, leaving roughly 1cm as seam allowance, and 3-4cm as hemming allowance.
Then put paper on fabrics. I folded the fabric into four layers so I can cut out all pieces all at once:
Fabrics cut out ready to sew!
To make it more interesting I found some ribbons. Alright not some but a lot. But then I've got a wide selection...
Cut some ribbons and pin on one of the pieces of the fabrics:
Sew the ribbons on, then sew the pieces together, hem the legs and thread elastics in the waist. A pair of new bell pants!
I even sewed a name tag on the back, so that I don't need to label the pants if DD1 wears it to kindy. To make the name tag, I just took a pink ribbon and using a normal ball pen to write her name on it and folded it before I sewed it on the pants while doing the casing of elastics.
It didn't stop there. I was so happy with the result that I made another one for DD2 too!