19 Jun. 2011

Refashioned baby walker No. 1 for DD2

I don't seem to have a 'before' photo. This is a very basic baby walker we brought from China when DD1 was about 9 months old. After a few months of wear and tear it lost all it could lose and only had a basic structure left. Now DD2 is at the stage a walker is required, so I decided to make it work. I took off the old seat which was all torn and broken. Then I used a pretty canvas fabric and a upholstery fabric to make the seat, using FOE to bind. Then I sewed some ribbons/strips on and knotted them through the holes to fix the seat onto the walker. DD2 has been enjoying this walker for 2 months and it's still going strong. We later bought a brand new one but never wanted to use it because the new one was not as mobile and also too high for DD2. Strange that a homemade walker beats a fancy shopbought one!

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