11 Aug. 2011

Stroller seat cover

I made a stroller seat pad for DD1 2 years ago and it was a 'trial' version that's been used since I haven't got time to make any more and also it was quite a failure so I kind of fear to take up a similar project.

Now I'm kind of sick of it and want a new one. So today I made a new one.
The batting I got from freecycle was just enough for a new pad:
I pinned a blue flower fabric onto the batting and sewed them together:
Then I layed the two layers onto a purple flower fabric:
And pinned again:
And sewed them together:
I know it doesn't look perfect but I'm not a quilter or have any experience in quilting so this'll do.
I marked where the holes should be so that the seat belts can come through:
Hmmm...buttonholes are 28mm maximum...so I can't use the buttonhole function.
Good that I know zigzag.
Cut open the holes:
Not bad huh?
I know I can do better if I have more time to spare but I could only afford 1 hour. I'm already happy with the result. Last time was a disaster compared to this one.

Old mat to new mat

I refurbished this mat 3 years ago. Look what it looks now:
It's losing it's colour and it's losing it's shape. It's ugly. Today I found some time to do some long-wishing projects and this one is finally done.

I took off the ugly old cotton cover I sewed on 3 years ago. I went very impatient and unpicked a few stitches and then simply tore off the rest.

I found this kid's fabric that I bought and planned for this project looooooong long time ago. I ironed it on the mat. The mat makes a great huge irong board on the floor. LOL.
Then I put the mat on top of the fabric and cut the desired size off the fabric,
and rolled the sides of the fabric up and pinned onto the mat. Then sewed all the way round the edges:
Now I get a brand new mat for my DDs!
In action!
DD1's having fun tonight teaching DD2 names of all the animals on the mat. LOL.
This project took me a good hour.

New seat for doll stroller

DD1 loves her doll stroller. But the seat fabric was torn. Thinking that it will need to last DD2 I decided to make a new seat for it.

So I took off the seat and chose a nice pretty fabric:I wanted to measure and make a pattern but I went shortcut and cut the seat into a pattern:

I cut the pretty fabrics according to the seat pieces, without seam or hem allowances as all the pieces are going to be bound by bias tape.

Then I sewed the bottom part according to the seat pattern so that it can hold onto the stroller (later on I found I shouldn't have sewn all the way across but leave opening at each side, so I had to pick the threads....):
I had trouble pinning the two pieces together. First time I pinned them together I found the edges weren't the same length. Then I found that the lower piece is supposed to be longer and not wholy lined up with the back piece. So I matched the centre and pinned from there leaving whatever longer as it should be.
See? The bottom piece is supposed to be longer!
I'm happy how it turned out, although it took me more than 40 minutes!
DD1 loves it. It makes me happy.

Pink pleated spring skirt - lint free version (hopefully!)

I so love the pretty black skirt I made for DD1 that I made a pink one today. LinkI love the thickness and softness of cotton cord but I hate the lint. I hate any fabrics that shed lint, when sewing and when wearing. But these are normally beautiful fabrics. Sigh. When DD1 wears the black skirt her tights are always covered by the black lints, looking like ants on her legs. I hate it. So this time when I was sewing this pink cord, I decided to try everything I could to stop lint, which means to hide ALL raw edges.

First, when attaching the upper piece to the lower piece, I used a piece of knit to cover the raw edges:

Second, when attaching the front piece to the back piece, I used french seam, which means I sewed WRONG sides together first:
And turned and sewed right sides together to seal the raw edges in the side seam.

The waist and bottom hem raw edges are all rolled in so raw edges won't show anyway.

Now I think I'm safe.

5 Aug. 2011

Black pleated winter skirt for DD1 + mini tutorial

I made this skirt for DD1 today:
I copied the design from an existing skirt given to us as one of the hand-me-downs. DD1 worn the golden one and I was surprised how nice it looked so I decided to make some using that design. I happen to have exactly the same fabrics at home, the black cord/velour/whatever thick fabric, and the sequin material.
I forgot to take photos when I started so below are some photos from middle of the project. The first photo below is already 1.5 hours into the project. The skirt took me 2.5 hours in total.

Basically I cut the following pieces:

Black cotton:
1. 40cmW x 19cmL x 2 pieces for upper piece
2. 107cmW x 18cmL x 2 pieces for lower piece, then I cut each piece into 107cmW x 13cmL and 107cmW x 5cmL pieces.

Purple sequin:
3. 107cmW x 3cmL x 2 pieces to go between pieces No. 2
4. 30cmL x 6cmW x 2 pieces as sash to go in the waist

1. I pinned and sewed the pieces No. 3 to No 2, then top stitched to make it look neat. This step is very long and tedious.
2. Using a ruler, I marked the lower pieces made from Step 1 with marks 3cm apart, and pinned the pleats, each being 6cm wide. 3. I pinned the lower pieces to upper pieces, front and back still separate. (The upper piece and lower piece might not be exactly the same width, since there can be some inaccuracies in pleating, but I simply cut the excess off, which might have been less than 1cm wide. )Below is a photo of upper pieces pinned with lower pieces, right sides together.
4. I sewed the upper and lower pieces together, and top stitched:
5. I sewed pieces No. 4 into sashes and pinned them to sides of one of the upper pieces on the right side, then pinned the front and back pieces together and sewed both sides. Turning right side out and I got this:
6. Then I sewed top of the upper piece into a casing and threaded in a 45cmL x 2cmW elastic. I would have liked a wider elastic but that's how wide I could get from my stash.

I like how it turned out, although the sash doesn't look like what I imagined. Next time I might sew it a little bit lower. But maybe it'll look ideal when on DD1.
I could have run another straight stitch through middle of the elastic casing but I don't want to run the risk of making the waist too wide/loose so I'll just leave it like that now.
DD1 is 4 years and 7 months by the way. But I believe she can wear this skirt for another year or two.