27 Sep. 2011

Baby Tshirts to baby bibs

DD1 had these two Tshirts that were too small and I extended them with some fabrics for her to wear another year or two and then I kept them for DD2. But when I took them out to put into DD2's wardrobe I felt they looked too shabby for her to wear, especially the dead elastics around the neck. I didn't have the patience to remake the neckline, and recently DD2 is quite short of bibs, so I put my homemade bib pattern on top of the tshirts and thought, wow, perfect for a bib!

So I cut them out, yeah with the ruffles on, because that's cotton too. I thought the ruffles would make an interesting part, as I've never sewn any ruffles on bibs before, and this one has built-in ruffles. What a bonus!

And I went through my scraps drawer and was thrilled to find some scrap polar fleece that was just enough to make two bibs:

Then I pinned two layers of tshirts and 1 layer of polar fleece together and sewed the bibs:The pink one was totally handsewn on the train, and the yellow one was halfly handsewn, and turned and topstitched by sewing machine at home, because I couldn't wait till tomorrow morning's train ride...

The very well worn tshirt fabric is sooo soft...

Toddler pants to shorts

We got this pair of boy's pants from a friend, with a hole on the knee. It looks very comfy but she doesn't know how to sew and she hated to throw it away and she knew that I could sew so she gave it to me. Boy's pants huh.....
I thought it was too much hassle to patch it up, and now it's beginning of summer and I don't have the appetite to make long pants, so I decided to cut off the lower part with the hole and make it into shorts:

To make it more girly, I pulled out the scrap that I cut off the baby romper that I 'refashioned' the other day, and cut off the hem to make the new hem of the shorts:

And took off the remaining little red bow to handsew onto the shorts. Then I got a pair of comfy shorts for DD2!

22 Sep. 2011

Reversible baby sun hat

We lost DD2's sun hat on Sunday at Sydney Opera House. I felt guilty that I didn't look after it well and now DD2 doesn't have her favourite sun hat any more. So I made this reversible sun hat for her: The other side:
The left one is a Pumpkin Patch of hers, which is getting smaller for her. I should have taken the photo with the gingham side out....
I used this pattern, without ruffles. I made the ruffled ones before but felt they looked too big with the ruffles.

The hat looks very nice. I like the fabrics that I used. I have plenty of these two fabrics and I think I'm gonna make some sundresses or sorts to match the hat.

Quickly refashioned baby romper

Summer is coming! DD2 has this little romper from DD1:
I like it but I find it hard to find occasions to put it on her because there're two layers at front and it's gonna be too hot for her as a no-sleeve romper. So I took off the top layer, carefully enough to cut a hole at the shoulder:

I took off one of the little red bows on the top layer and covered the mending of the hole:

20 Sep. 2011

Adult thermo to baby leggings

I just can't part with my old clothes. I keep them to refashion, mostly into baby clothes.

This is one of them, a very soft thermo that's too skinny for me to wear. I kept it for years before I decided for it to go into my refashion pile.

I made it into baby leggings for DD2:
Then handsewed a few buttons to make it less plain:

Adult Tshirt to preschooler skirt

I had this tshirt that I wore for many years and now that I’ve put on some weight I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it any more. So I made it into a skirt for DD1. I even couldn’t part with the scraps.

Which one is the best?

Baby headband

It was DD2’s 1st birthday yesterday. It was Tuesday so we couldn’t do a big celebration. But we took her (and DD1 as well of course) to RBG to take some nice photos on Sunday. When I got up on Sunday morning I had this idea of making her a headband, you know the type that baby girls wear so that people know they’re girls not boys although they don’t have much hair. DD2 unfortunately falls into this category of ‘little hair babies’.

Anyway it all started with this bunch of scraps and some elastics:

It wasn’t hard to make:So I made another one, using different elastics:They match very well with the little dress that DD1 wore on her first birthday, that I planned to dress DD2 in as well:Doesn’t she look gorgeous, my sweet birthday girl?And DD1 got her share too!

Hi5 Tshirt and cheerleader skirt

DD1 has been watching Hi5's dance VCD (which DH bought from a garage sale of our neighbours for $1) a lot recently and she wanted me to make a tshirt with a big 5 on it so she can be 'part of Hi5' (she even wanted me to add her to Hi5's videos and I don't think I'm capable of that!). To take a shortcut, I took out a blank Tshirt of hers (yeah she wanted pink and lucky it was pink):
And heat-n-bonded a big printed 5 onto a scrap piece of knit (yeah she wanted pink again!):
And zigzaged around the 5, we got a Hi5 tshirt!

Since I still got a bit of time on hand, I offered to make her a cheerleader skirt, just like the ones that the Hi5 girls were wearing dancing in the videos (DD1 picked this fabric, again, pink!):

Now our new Hi5 member dancing to the hits!

If anyone knows how to add DD1 to Hi5 videos please let me know. I’ll be very happy to learn how to do it and satisfy my little Hi5 fan.

17 Sep. 2011

Amazing experience

Haven't got time to sort through recent projects to post yet, but just want to insert this little paragragh here.

I'm surprised how I've got so far. I started sewing in 2007 only because I was addicted to modern cloth nappies and wanted to make some for DD1. After that I started practicing sewing some clothes for DD1, mainly pants because I was too afraid of the neckline, armhole etc of tops. I bought/got so many commercial patterns but found that only a couple were my favourite, mainly because I only liked to sew with as few pieces of garment as possible, due to time and patience. But gradually I found I kept practicing new things and I have learned so many things so far. Now, at this point, I'm looking at FASHION! (Imagine this for someone who didn't even know pink for girls and blue for boys 5 years ago!) I'm amazed that I reached to another point that I never thought I would get. And strangely, this reminds me that fashion design was my dream when I was entering University, which I gave up and pursued Finance instead after my parents persuaded me.

I'm not sure if the readers of this blog can tell how my sewing has evolved but I certainly feel all the changes myself and I'm glad that I'm growing on the skills as well as aspects of sewing. It's such a big world to explore and I'm sure I'll spend the rest of my life enjoying doing it.

7 Sep. 2011

Baby leggings - no casings any more!

I love this Pumpkin Patch baby legging that I bought for DD2 and found it not so hard to make so I used it to make a pattern:
Here's the pattern I made:
Instead of making a casing for the elastic for the waist, I decided to try the way the bought legging's elastic was sewn in. So I measured the waist of the legging I made:
And cut almost the same length of elastic:
And sewed the elastic onto the waist of the legging using the stretch overcasting stitch. This stitch works really well with elastics as it also stretches when the elastic stretches, which was a very pleasant surprise for me. I didn't even have to stretch either the fabric or the elastic when sewing. What a bonus!
Then I turned it over to sew a straight stitch to hide the elastic into the waist:
It turned out really well. It looks very professional. So now I'm officially liberated from making casings from a wavy waist. It's just too hard to sew a casing when the line is not straight.
This is a comparison of the legging I just made and the old legging I bought:
I got so excited that I made another pair, or two.