17 Sep. 2011

Amazing experience

Haven't got time to sort through recent projects to post yet, but just want to insert this little paragragh here.

I'm surprised how I've got so far. I started sewing in 2007 only because I was addicted to modern cloth nappies and wanted to make some for DD1. After that I started practicing sewing some clothes for DD1, mainly pants because I was too afraid of the neckline, armhole etc of tops. I bought/got so many commercial patterns but found that only a couple were my favourite, mainly because I only liked to sew with as few pieces of garment as possible, due to time and patience. But gradually I found I kept practicing new things and I have learned so many things so far. Now, at this point, I'm looking at FASHION! (Imagine this for someone who didn't even know pink for girls and blue for boys 5 years ago!) I'm amazed that I reached to another point that I never thought I would get. And strangely, this reminds me that fashion design was my dream when I was entering University, which I gave up and pursued Finance instead after my parents persuaded me.

I'm not sure if the readers of this blog can tell how my sewing has evolved but I certainly feel all the changes myself and I'm glad that I'm growing on the skills as well as aspects of sewing. It's such a big world to explore and I'm sure I'll spend the rest of my life enjoying doing it.

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