7 Sep. 2011

Baby leggings - no casings any more!

I love this Pumpkin Patch baby legging that I bought for DD2 and found it not so hard to make so I used it to make a pattern:
Here's the pattern I made:
Instead of making a casing for the elastic for the waist, I decided to try the way the bought legging's elastic was sewn in. So I measured the waist of the legging I made:
And cut almost the same length of elastic:
And sewed the elastic onto the waist of the legging using the stretch overcasting stitch. This stitch works really well with elastics as it also stretches when the elastic stretches, which was a very pleasant surprise for me. I didn't even have to stretch either the fabric or the elastic when sewing. What a bonus!
Then I turned it over to sew a straight stitch to hide the elastic into the waist:
It turned out really well. It looks very professional. So now I'm officially liberated from making casings from a wavy waist. It's just too hard to sew a casing when the line is not straight.
This is a comparison of the legging I just made and the old legging I bought:
I got so excited that I made another pair, or two.


Mammy Made said...

good job :)

Ellie @ Mammy Made

Rowena said...

Thank you Ellie! I've been thinking about trying this stitch but I was afraid that the elastic wouldn't work after being sewn in, until I found out how stretchy my knits still are after sewn with this stitch. I'm so glad I learned about this stitch because I sew so many knits and elastics now and this stitch is so handy.