20 Sep. 2011

Hi5 Tshirt and cheerleader skirt

DD1 has been watching Hi5's dance VCD (which DH bought from a garage sale of our neighbours for $1) a lot recently and she wanted me to make a tshirt with a big 5 on it so she can be 'part of Hi5' (she even wanted me to add her to Hi5's videos and I don't think I'm capable of that!). To take a shortcut, I took out a blank Tshirt of hers (yeah she wanted pink and lucky it was pink):
And heat-n-bonded a big printed 5 onto a scrap piece of knit (yeah she wanted pink again!):
And zigzaged around the 5, we got a Hi5 tshirt!

Since I still got a bit of time on hand, I offered to make her a cheerleader skirt, just like the ones that the Hi5 girls were wearing dancing in the videos (DD1 picked this fabric, again, pink!):

Now our new Hi5 member dancing to the hits!

If anyone knows how to add DD1 to Hi5 videos please let me know. I’ll be very happy to learn how to do it and satisfy my little Hi5 fan.

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