22 Sep. 2011

Reversible baby sun hat

We lost DD2's sun hat on Sunday at Sydney Opera House. I felt guilty that I didn't look after it well and now DD2 doesn't have her favourite sun hat any more. So I made this reversible sun hat for her: The other side:
The left one is a Pumpkin Patch of hers, which is getting smaller for her. I should have taken the photo with the gingham side out....
I used this pattern, without ruffles. I made the ruffled ones before but felt they looked too big with the ruffles.

The hat looks very nice. I like the fabrics that I used. I have plenty of these two fabrics and I think I'm gonna make some sundresses or sorts to match the hat.


karin said...

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Rowena said...

Yeah love your blog and I've joined to follow. Thanks.

Baron parker said...

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