27 Sep. 2011

Toddler pants to shorts

We got this pair of boy's pants from a friend, with a hole on the knee. It looks very comfy but she doesn't know how to sew and she hated to throw it away and she knew that I could sew so she gave it to me. Boy's pants huh.....
I thought it was too much hassle to patch it up, and now it's beginning of summer and I don't have the appetite to make long pants, so I decided to cut off the lower part with the hole and make it into shorts:

To make it more girly, I pulled out the scrap that I cut off the baby romper that I 'refashioned' the other day, and cut off the hem to make the new hem of the shorts:

And took off the remaining little red bow to handsew onto the shorts. Then I got a pair of comfy shorts for DD2!

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