9 Oct. 2011

UFO Patchwork to bib

Now you know I'm obsessed again....

After making so many useful bibs out of useless things, I went into my UFO (UnFinished Objects) drawer for inspirations.

This is a patchwork kind of thing I handsewed on the train long time ago from scraps of flannelettes (yeah you can see traces of my many other projects in this patch work). I'm never a patchwork/quilting person but I hated to waste such soft cotton fabrics even small scraps, so I did this thing but I didn't know what to do with it.
Now I find it's perfect size for my bib pattern!

Here's one that's finished!

Most of my bibs are handsewn on the train while commuting. Not many projects can be brought to be done on the train and bibs are fortunately just perfect. So I always cut them out in advance and grab one or two before I head to the train station. I can usually finish one or two in one day. It takes about 35 minutes each way on the train and I never feel it's long enough!

Toddler winter top to bib

Yeah you can tell that I'm having so much fun refashioning things into bibs.

These are two turtle necks that I made for DD1 for winter but her head was too big to fit in and considering DD2 has a big head too I don't think they're useful any more.

So I've refashioned one into a bib:

Tshirt sleeves to bib

This tshirt of DH's has already been cut from the body for some other work,
and after I cut it open, I found the sleeves were big enough for my bib pattern.

So I made a bib out of the tshirt's sleeves!

The other side:

8 Oct. 2011

Preschooler's tshirt to bib

Since I successfully refashioned the toddler tshirts into bibs last time, refashioning clothes into bibs has become my new obsession. I have just the right excuse now that DD2 is 12 months old and generates at least 3 dirty bibs a day. Yeah I definitely need more bibs to work!

This is a tshirt of DD1's. It was fine until after a couple of washes it went into a weird shape and DD1 just couldn't wear it any more. I guess the fabric wasnt cut correctly. Talking about cheapy clothes...

So I cut a layer of bib out of the back of this tshirt,

and cut another layer out of a piece of fabric that I cut out maybe 3 years ago but never got to continue working on, then adding a layer of polar fleece to make a double sided bib (well actually all my homemade bibs are double sided). The piece that I cut off the back of the tshirt had to have some seam in it and I didn't like it so I covered it up using some lace cut from this unwanted tissue box cover.

Not too bad huh?

The other side: