8 Oct. 2011

Preschooler's tshirt to bib

Since I successfully refashioned the toddler tshirts into bibs last time, refashioning clothes into bibs has become my new obsession. I have just the right excuse now that DD2 is 12 months old and generates at least 3 dirty bibs a day. Yeah I definitely need more bibs to work!

This is a tshirt of DD1's. It was fine until after a couple of washes it went into a weird shape and DD1 just couldn't wear it any more. I guess the fabric wasnt cut correctly. Talking about cheapy clothes...

So I cut a layer of bib out of the back of this tshirt,

and cut another layer out of a piece of fabric that I cut out maybe 3 years ago but never got to continue working on, then adding a layer of polar fleece to make a double sided bib (well actually all my homemade bibs are double sided). The piece that I cut off the back of the tshirt had to have some seam in it and I didn't like it so I covered it up using some lace cut from this unwanted tissue box cover.

Not too bad huh?

The other side:

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