4 Mar. 2012

120301 - kids' clean-up gloves

On Thursday night we had to find a pair of gloves for my 5yo DD1 to take to school for "clean up Australia" Day. All the gloves at home were for adults and they were just wayyyyy too big for her. So I had to go downstairs at 7:30pm to make a pair of gloves for her. And the deadline was 8pm when the girls should go to bed.

I wish I had taken more photos or even a video to demonstrate what I did but making a pair of gloves in half an hour was a tough enough task...

So here's a description of what I did and hope it makes sense:

1. I got DD1 to get pen and paper, put her hands on the paper and using the pen to draw the shape of her hands. (I only needed one hand but she insisted I draw both...)

2. I cut out the shape of the hand, and placed it on a pair of DD2's pants (which she grew out of but had just enough fabric to make gloves from) and cut out a pair of 'mittens'. (Note I cut out the shape with the four fingers not cut open, because I failed in my first attempt when I sewed around the fingers after cutting them open but then the fingers were too small for DD1 to put her fingers in. )

3. Then I used a pen to draw on the cut fabric three lines where I should cut so that there would be 4 fingers, but I didn't actually cut them, because I would sew very close to the lines and then cut them.

4. Then I sewed around the mitten, following the lines when I get there and actually sewed 5 fingers with 4 of the still not cut. This way I can easily sew very close to the lines without having to worry about missing out because the seam allowance would be too narrow.

5. I cut along the three lines, clipping the corners. Now I have 5 fingers, with very narrow seam allowance. I don't worry about fraying because the pants were made of knit fabric so even a very narrow seam allowance won't make it fray and torn.

6. I turned the inside out using the pen (very useful pen I know!) to poke out the fingers and I got a pair of kids' gloves!

I know the gloves look dirty - DD2 used to crawl wearing the pants - but isn't it perfect for a Clean Up Day? Their destiny is to get dirty enough to be thrown out....