29 Apr. 2012

Crochet hooks holder

I bought a set of crochet hooks and have used them frequently. The hooks came with a plastic holder which is very handy. But as with all plastic products, the holder starts to tear and can't really hold some of the hooks any more. I find myself having to look for lost hooks from time to time.

So I decided to make a crochet hooks holder. I have seen crayons holders online before, and thought it's a good idea to make a similar one for the crochet hooks. So had a quick google, and found a quick tutorial, and had a quick look, and grabbed a piece of fabric that I was going to make something else but never got the motive to contine, and after over an hour on the sewing machine, I got a very pretty crochet hooks holder:

It's a thick velvety upholstery fabric that (I think) I got from the bargain bin in Spotlight years ago. The fabric feels very nice and strong and I think I can make very nice items out of it. It's been laying around having done various jobs such as covering the table when we played majong, covering the floor when DD2 had dinner in the dinning room which is covered by carpet, all sorts of things. I finally cut a piece off it the other day hoping to make a bag but gave up soon after I started. But today when I was trying to find a piece of fabric to make the crochet hooks holder, I fount the cut piece the perfect size for the project. So a piece all ready to sew!

The fabric is so thick, strong and tight that it's very hard to sew. I had to slow down the speed of the stitches so that I don't have accidents on the sewing machine. The last few stitches was a struggle and I don't think the machine could handle any more sewing on this fabric.
The strap on the side is from a bag of scrap trims that I bought from the Remanent Warehouse earlier this year. This is the whole length of the scrap trim. I was looking for a ribbon or something to sew on to the holder as a fastener once it's rolled up, and saw this piece and thought the colour would go with the holder, and it looks quite unique. The good thing about it is that it's easy to fasten with this piece.

The small black piece to hold the scissors was actually cut off a bra's shoulder strap. I was hoping to find a dark coloured elastic piece and going through my scrap box I found this maternity bra which is perfect for a pieces of black elastic.
It was a difficult project in terms of sewing, and the product turned out quite thick, but I think it's strong and will last a long time. I like the details of the project, the feeling of the velvety fabric, the strong and pretty fastening strap...

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