29 Apr. 2012

Crocheted Hats - my first crocheted wearables

This is my first big projects. By "big" I mean bigger than little flowers, bows and butterflies which are purely for decorating. And it's wearable.
I followed this Olivia's Butterfly tutorial. It was quick and easy. Only took me 1.5 hours. I planned to make it for DD2 who's 19 months, but it turned out big, perfect for DD1 who's 5yo. Lucky I've got two girls in the house.
I was excited that I finally crocheted something someone could wear. So I started trying another tutorial: Crochet Sun Hat (Granny Stitch), and made a brimmed hat for DD2. It took me 2.5 hours, and it turned out too small for her. :( I gave it away to a friend's 1yo.

Lessons learned. I started using rulers and existing hats to ensure I get the right size. So the second brimmed hat I made turned out quite good.
It would be perfect if DD2 would allow me to put it on so I could take a photo of it in action. :(


Caca said...

this is very beautiful

Rowena said...

Thank you. :)