29 Apr. 2012

The start of my crocheting

I haven't sewn a lot of things lately. Mostly because I've been too busy. In the last couple of months I was working 4 days a week, looking for jobs, preparing applications and attending interviews, and when at home I still need to look after housework and my two little girls. I wouldn't say it was the busiest time of my life, as I've often had busy times since I had my first daughter, and I can't really remember which is the busiest, but the last couple months I found it really hard to cope and I kept forgetting things and finding things undone.

Good thing is that period finally ended with a new job, full time, about 40 minutes drive away from home. At least I don't have to look for jobs any more which took a huge load of pressure off me. I'm yet to see if I can cope with working full time though...

Anyway, before I started looking for jobs, I started my new hobby: crocheting. I had a very small amount of yarn from some of my crafting activities, then I was given some balls of yarns by a friend who left for overseas. I didn't think about what to do with them. Then one day I started thinking about learning to crochet. I was never interested in working with yarn before, but things like this happen, when suddenly you feel you want to get your hands on this. It's just about the right time, the right trigger. And I can't remember what triggered me. Maybe it's the frustration that I couldn't find time to sew but I still wanted to create things. Anyway I bought a set of hooks on Ebay from China. At that time I had no idea what kind of hook I would need to crochet, so I just bought the whole set, which cost me...I can't remember, maybe a couple dollars. Then it took them very long to arrive, maybe a month. During that time I read a lot of things about crocheting, including some books borrowed from our local library. As I spent over 1 hour each day on train commuting to and from work, I read the books on the train every day, so in my head I had a rough idea how crocheting works, which made it very easy when I started practicing later.

Then when I got the hooks I started learning. The first item I learned was crocheting a flower. I just went youtube, seached "crochet flower" and picked a video and followed the video. I think this one is the one I started with. The first flower I made had only four pedals. I must have done something wrong. But later on I got better and better. I made a few five-pedal flowers, then I started learning to make bows, butterflies etc. I attached them onto plain hair clips. I gave some of them to DD1 who loved them, and some to my boss at work who also had two girls about the same age range of my DDs. I think they make very good little gifts.

After some small projects, and my job stuff got settled, I started making bigger projects, which I will mention in other posts.

At the moment I put all my crochet stuff in a handbag. Most of the stuff are yarns, some are leftover cotton yarns from a freecycler, some are leftover from my projects. I don't have big amount of same yarns as I haven't started big projects that need a few balls of the same yarns yet. But I think I soon will need to buy some as a small collections of a big variety cannot satisfy the need for a big project such as a scarf, shawl, or a top.

In the crochet handbag there's also the roll of the crochet hooks, ranging from 2mm to 8mm. There's also a small pair of scissors, and some bits and pieces of small craft stuff such as plain hair clips that I can attach some final products on.

The hand bag is very handy as I can take it anywhere and crochet away whenever I want. I find crocheting better than sewing as it is mobile, needs minimum amount of supply and equipment, and I can use small amounts of time here and there. I often crochet in my bed before sleep, or on the train commuting to work, or in the train station waiting for the train.

So stay tuned, I will soon have some new posts about my crochet projects!

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