21 Sep. 2012

Crochet trims for tops

One thing I like about crocheting is its versatility. It can do so many things easily that other means cannot do or cannot do so easily. And the result is so beautiful.

I bought this plain top for $2 I think. It was so plain that I never really wanted to wear it. But I still bought it because I thought my crafting skills can do some modification on it to make it better looking. It stayed in my "to modify" box for months and months, until a few days ago when I was looking for some black fabric and found it again. With my improved crochet skills now I'm quite confident about making some trims on it. I used 100% cotton yarn which is very comfortable. Photobucket
I like how it turned out. I wore it to work on the next day and felt very confident wearing it and really liked how it fitted me. I'm expecting to wear it on a regular basis.

I also crocheted trims on this other top as well, also using 100% cotton yarn. I like cotton yarns as they feel so nice on my skin and I don't need to worry about getting itchy from it.
This top of DD2's has a very wide neckline. I wanted to make it narrower so I crocheted some trims and now it fits perfectly.

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