27 Sep. 2012

Finally some sewing - 4 bibs

I haven't given up sewing! I just do only small ones like mending and altering and I don't have time to take photos. But I finally made some new things last weekend:


Due to a lot of babies are being born recently and in the next few months, the bibs I made years ago to give out as gifts were runing out, especially boys' bibs.  So I finally made some more so that I can continue giving them out as gifts. My homemade bibs have become very famous and popular among our relatives and friends. Every time we have a get together party I can see a lot of them popping up. LOL.

I recycled my old sweater to make the inner water resisitent layer. The outside is still flannel. The dots fabric is kind of terry. I like to make two sides in different fabrics so that it feels like there are two bibs in one.


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Rob O'Neill said...

Sewing is such a very nice thing to do, especially when you are working on some stuff of the little ones, just like this one. These bibs you made are very fabulous!