20 Apr. 2013

130420 Superman pyjama/outfit

I cannot seem to find any posts about the old superman pyjama set I made for DD1. This set has been VERY well worn by DD1 since she was around 3-4yo as she loves being a "superman". She also asked me to make a few superman capes and masks. 

Recently she asked me to make a new superman cape because she couldn't find the old one. So I made her a very big new one out of the purple shiny sequin type of fabric. Then she kept on wearing her old superman pyjama which was so worn out and small that I kept saying she needed to stop wearing it. She said she didn't care and she just wanted to be a superman. So I promised her that I would make her a new set. 

So today I finally found some time to make something. I looked through my fabric stash with her and she insisted she still wanted the same fabric as the old superman pyjama/outfit. Ok, fine. It's 100% cotton, my favourite. So I made a much longer set. The old set was out of a size 4 pattern. Now I used the same pattern (because she is not wider) but made everything much longer, the sleeves, the body and the pants' legs. The finished set looked like size 7.

Then to make the superman pattern, I decided to make a paper pattern first so that I wouldn't ruin my hard work. And then I put the paper pattern on the finished top and used a brush and some fabric paint to make the superman label to the front of the body:
Gee this looks exactly the same as the old one!
DD1 wore it straight away, even to her piano lesson.And she got so excited about her new "superman outfit" that she kept jumping and running and shouting like crazy....

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