22 May 2014

140522 Recorder Case

I have not updated my blog for a long time but it doesn't mean that I have not made anything. Actually I have made a lot but just have not got time to take photos or upload or blog about them....

Now I need to work harder!

So my DD1 has started learning recorder this year. She is very fascinated about it. Although she has been learning piano, she still likes this new music toy that can make noises.

This morning when I dropped her off at OOSH, her friend was crying because she couldn't find her recorder. Her mom found it. It WAS in her school bag. But because the recorder case that came with the recorder was black, and the inside of their school bags is also black, she thought it wasn't in there.

So tonight, DD1 came home asking if we saw her recorder. She said she couldn't find it. I said it was in your bag when I dropped you off this morning! So I searched her bag, and of course, the recorder was in there, hiding in the black recorder case!

So I decided that she has to have a new case, which is not black. I had a look at the black case. It looks very easy to make. So I let her pick the fabric, and in less than half an hour, I made her a new case:

 photo IMG_20140522_184646.jpg

Now hopefully it doesn't get camouflaged any more!

In case her friends ask me to make it (I can already hear all the "I want one"s), the cut of the fabric is 7cm x 80cm, sew the casings for the string first (this string is too thick), then fold it in half and sew it up to make the case, then thread in the strings (remember they are two Us so you can pull and close the opening) and tie up the ends of the strings.

I then googled "handmade recorder case" and found some interesting ones which remind me that I can crochet a case! I think that will be my project tomorrow on the train!